Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

Mission & Vision

Where are we going?
Why do we exist as a church? What is it that we are trying to accomplish?  What does involvement in New Hope look like and why?   These are the types of questions that organizations need to ask to clarify their purpose and "success" for both the organization itself, as well as the people involved in it.  The Leadership of New Hope asked and answered these questions (as well as many others) with much prayer, Biblical study, and discussion.  In doing so, we clarified the
Mission of New Hope to be summarized in the following:

Connect With God
Serve Our Communities
Grow In Unity

We are committed to CONNECT to God by passionately pursing His Word, living it out in our daily lives by imitating the life of Jesus Christ and seeking His guidance in everything we do.

We are committed to SERVE the communities we live and work in; staying available and developing meaninful relationships by pointing others to the redemptive love of Christ.

We are committed to GROW in unity by making the life changing power of the Bible active in our lives and accepting our roles as representatives of Jesus to those who live and work around us. 

Our Mission

The Mission is OUR Process.
At New Hope, our mission provides the overall framework for everything we do as a church. It is intended to be our "process" of reaching out to those who don't know Christ and building up those who do.  This process establishes our priorites, guides our decision making, and directs our activities.
If we can't clearly describe how something directly contributes to our mission, we are going to to resist doing it. It's our intention to avoid misistry, "silos" that have a form of self-existence and purpose apart from the rest of the church. 

Our  Vision

Our Vision is to create a place where people can  relate to our teachings in a way that church becomes relevant in their lives. We hope to build people up by helping them experience love for God, love for the world, and love for each other. 

Connect with us.

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